At-Home Activites

When your student is out, we want the focus to be on them getting well. Below are some activities that you can work on at home if you would like. Once students return, teachers will work on getting them caught up.


Online math program if you have a device at home.


online reading program. if you have a device at home.

Science- What are you learning about? What can you create that follows that?


First, install Istation on your home computer or tablet. Istation is supported on most devices. Go to and follow the installation instructions.

After Istation is installed...

students will need to return to their Launchpad and then click on the Istation icon.

When students login to LaunchPad, it will automatically log them into Istation. They will not need a username or password to use Istation.


Login to DreamBox: Computer

  1. In your internet browser, navigate to Launchpad and login.

  2. Select DreamBox Learning icon.

  3. DreamBox will open with the student automatically logged in.

Login to DreamBox: iPad

  1. Download the DreamBox Learning Math app. The student does not sign-in through the DreamBox app.

  2. On the iPad, open Launchpad and sign-in.

  3. In Launchpad, select the DreamBox Learning icon.

  4. The DreamBox app will automatically open with the student logged in.

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